Division of Molecular Biosciences
Department of Life Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Posters for ABCil Thursday 5th May 2011

M. Blum

    abc: An R-package for Approximate Bayesian Computation

J Liepe, M Barnes, E Cule, K Erguler, P Kirk, Y Zhou, MPH Stumpf

    ABC-SysBio: Approximate Bayesian Computation with GPU support

JM Cornuet, F. Santos, CP Robert, JM Marin


S. Barthelme and N. Chopin

    Expectation Propagation for Likelihood-Free Inference

A. Clark and R. Everson

    Soft classifiers from hard: using ABC to average hard classifiers

E. Haon-Lasportes, F. Carpentier, Martin, Klein, Soubeyrand

    The construction of a new distance in approximate Bayesian computation