Division of Molecular Biosciences
Department of Life Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Programme for ABCil Thursday 5th May 2011

The Abstracts for the talks can be found here.
The Poster Titles can be found here.

8:30-9:25 Registration, poster setup and Breakfast on LEVEL 2 RSM
9:25-9:30 Welcome
9:30-10:00 D. Balding & A. Powell (University College London)

ABC to illuminate human history: the origins of milk-drinking, cattle-keeping and almost everything else

10:00-10:30 S. Tavaré (Cambridge)

ABC for Ancestral Inference

10:30-11:00 T.Toni (MIT)

ABC SMC for Parameter Estimation and Model Selection With Applications in Systems Biology

11:00-11:30 Coffee & Tea + Posters
11:30-12:00 J.M. Marin, P. Pudlo & M. Sedki (Montpellier)

Efficient Learning in ABC Algorithms

12:00-12:30 O. Ratmann (Duke)

Using ABC for Model Design and Inference across Biological Scales

12:30-13:00 A. Jasra (Imperial College)

Some Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for ABC Approximations of Hidden Markov Models

13:00-14:00 Lunch + Posters
14:00-14:30 M. Beaumont (Bristol)

An Application of the Pseudo-Marginal Method to Approximate Bayesian Computation for Serially Sampled Genetic Data, with Comparison of Methods

14:30-15:00 M. Blum (CNRS)

Non-linear Regression Approaches in ABC

15:00-15:30 P. Fearnhead & D. Prangle (Lancaster)

Constructing ABC Summary Statistics: Semi-Automatic ABC

15:30-16:00 Coffee & Tea + Posters
16:00-16:30 X. Didelot (Oxford University)

Can ABC be Used for Model Selection?

16:30-17:00 C. Barnes, S. Filippi, M.P.H. Stumpf & T. Thorne (Imperial College)

Considerate Approaches to Achieving Sufficiency for ABC Model Selection

17:00-17:30 C. Robert & J.M. Marin (Paris-Dauphine & Montpellier)

A Lack of Confidence in ABC Model Choice

17:30-19:00 Drinks + Posters