Division of Molecular Biosciences
Department of Life Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Venue and Accommodation

Venue for conference

The registration and conference will take place in the Royal School of Mines, Room 2.28. Please note that the Royal School of Mines can be accessed either from within the main campus or via its own entrance on Prince Consort Road Here is the full address of the venue:

    Room 2.28
    Royal School of Mines
    Prince Consort Road
    London, SW7 2BP,U.K.

    Address of main College campus
    Imperial College London
    Exhibition Road
    London SW7 2AZ, U.K.

Travel guides and Maps

- Map of Campus (PDF file - RSM is building number 2)
- Street map of South Kensington from http://www.streetmap.co.uk (arrow points to RSM)
- Travel information (train, underground, bus, car & air) (Imperial College web site)
- London Underground map (PDF file)

Please note that Car parking at the South Kensington campus and local area is severely restricted and very expensive. You are advised NOT to bring a car.


Imperial College has specially negotiated rates with hotels in the South Kensington area. Please contact Imperial Accommodation link directly to book accommodation:

Imperial Accommodation Link Contact: Fumeii
Phone: +44-(0)20-7594-9533
Email: reservations@imperial.ac.uk

A list of hotels can also be viewed at