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Learning in Computational Systems Biology

In making advances within Computational Systems Biology there is an acknowledged need for the ongoing development of both probabilistic and mechanistic, possibly multi-scale, models of complex biological processes. In addition to such models the development of appropriate and efficient inferential methodology to identify and reason over such models is necessary.

Examples of the progress which has been made in our understanding of modern biology by the exploitation of such methodology include model based inference of p53 activity; uncovering the evolution of protein complexes and understanding the circadian clock in plants; details of which were presented at the LICSB workshops.

The previous workshop themes of parameter estimation, probabilistic modelling of networks and inference in large biological system models will be further explored in this meeting. Contributions of recent work addressing these themes as well as preliminary application results are welcomed.

LICSBC 2009 will precede MASAMB 2009 and will be held at Imperial College London. It will feature four keynote presentations and 10 presentations selected from submitted abstracts.

Please use the LICSB submission page to submit a one-page abstracts for talks. Registration is free but places are limited.

Invited Keynote Speakers

- Dr Lachlan Coin, Imperial College (http://www1.imperial.ac.uk/medicine/people/l.coin/)
- Dr. Andrew Golightly, Newcastle University (http://www.ncl.ac.uk/math/staff/profile/a.golightly)
- Dr Sophie Lebre, University of Strasbourg (https://lsiit.u-strasbg.fr/fdbt-en/index.php/Sophie_Lebre)
- Professor Carsten Wiuf, University of Aarhus (http://www.daimi.au.dk/~wiuf/)

Important Dates

- Abstract Submission Deadline: __Sunday, March 1st
- Author Notification: ____________Wednesday, March 3rd
- Registratrion Opens: ___________Monday, February 16th
- Registration Closes (subject to availability) _________Wednesday, March 11th
- Workshop Dates: Wednesday, ___April 1st (Wednesday) - April 2nd (Thursday)

The workshop is sponsored by EU PASCAL network of excellence and is one of six workshops in the Thematic Programme in Leveraging Complex Prior Knowledge for Learning.