Division of Molecular Biosciences
Department of Life Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Posters for MASAMB 2009 (for full abstracts please click here)

Irina Abnizova

New method to improve error probability estimation applied to Illumina sequencing, Sanger Centre

Alexander Alekseyenko

Improving Speed and Accuracy in Stochastic Simulation via Higher Order Leaping, Stanford

Ryan Ames

Gene duplication is a key driver of adaptation within a species, U. Manchester

Simon Anders

HilbertVis: A tool to visualize and explore genomic data with space-filling curves, EBI

Maia Angelova

Generalized Nets Models of Genetic Networks, Northumbria University

Maurice Berk

On functional data analysis approaches for detecting differentially expressed genes in microarray time series experiments, Imperial

Juok Cho

Effect size estimation meta-analysis of multiple microarray studies and its application to the curated corpus of data in ArrayExpress, EBI

Lachlan Coin

High resolution multi-platform copy number variation genotyping and imputation using a haplotype hidden Markov model, Imperial

Kathryn Cooper

Role-Similarity Clustering in Directed Networks, Imperial College London

Wei Dai

Implementation of methylation linear discriminant analysis (MLDA) on CpG Island microarray data of ovarian cancer, Imperial College London

Ronan Daly

A Probabilistic Analysis of Mispriming in PCR , U. Glasgow

Simon Furney

Genome-wide analysis of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease. King’s College London

Erol Gelenbe

Solving gene regulatory networks from master equations , Imperial College London

Colin Gillespie

An analysis of the moment closure approximation, U. Newcastle

Drs Marco Grzegorczyk and Dirk Husmeier

A non-homogeneous dynamical Bayesian network for, modelling non-stationary gene regulatory processes, JCMB, Edinburgh

Keith Harris

Definition of Valid Proteomic Biomarkers: Bayesian Solutions to a Currently Unmet Challenge. U. Glasgow

Andrew Harrison

On the causes of correlations seen in Affymetrix GeneChips, U. Essex

Ulrich Kadolsky

Quantifying the Impact of HIV-1 Escape from the Cytotoxic T-cell Response, Imperial College London

William P Kelly and John W Pinney

Visualizing properties of protein interaction networks in functional space. Imperial College London

Haseong Kim

Modeling Strategy of Gene Regulatory Networks via Queuing Networks, Imperial College London

Paul Kirk

Gaussian process regression bootstrapping: Exploring the effects of uncertainty in time course data, Imperial College London

Ricardo de Matos Simoes

Species-Specific Evolving Regions in the Human and Chimpanzee, University of Vienna

Aidan MacNamara

The determination of the basis of HLA class I protection in HTLV-I infection, Imperial College London

Jamie MacPherson

Identifying and investigating clusters in the HIV-Human protein interaction network, U. Manchester

Inti Pedroso

Alternate Open Reading Frames in the human genome. King’s College London

Paoloa Rancoita

An integrated Bayesian model for genotyping and copy number data, IDSIA

Elisa Loza Reyes

A Bayesian Phylogenetic Mixture Model for Detecting Heterogeneity in DNA Evolution, U. Bath

Simon Rogers

Non-parametric clustering of coupled mRNA and protein profiles, U. Glasgow

Aylwyn Scally

Combined genome sequence assembly of gorilla, Sanger Centre

Christina Spyrou

BayesPeak: a peak finding algorithm for ChIP-Seq data. Cambridge

James Swingland

Low Chromosome X Gene Expression in Male Parkinson's disease Subjects, MRC/Imperial College London

Frances Turner

A resource for the study of stress response in Campylobacter jejuni and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Imperial College London

Ernest Turro

MMBGX: a method for estimating isoform- and gene-level expression from whole-transcript Affymetrix arrays that is unconfounded by multi-match probes, Imperial College London

Maria Vounou

Genome-wide Association Studies in Imaging Genomics: A Multivariate Approach, Imperial College London

Vladislav Vyshemirsky

Using Gaussian Processes for Bayesian Hypotheses Testing in Raman Spectroscopy, U. Glasgow

Mark Wass

Ligand binding site prediction using homologous structures and conservation, Imperial College London

Jon White

Applying Association Mapping Techniques to an Inbreeding Cereal Species, NIAB, Cambridge

Weldon Whitener

A method for detecting human microsatellite length-polymorphism using Solexa/Illumina paired-end sequencing data, Sanger Centre

Simon Williams

Identifying determinants of specificity in yeast protein complexes, U Manchester